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Newest Restaurants in Vegas to Order Food Online

December 14, 2018

Las Vegas has the best to offer, from hammer chicken dishes to classic cocktails and dry aged steaks. There are new restaurants like sun basket review by MyFoodSubscriptions coming each day with so much to offer. They each have different themes that will inspire you. Below are some of the newest restaurants in Vegas to order food online.

China Tang

This Chinese restaurant is game-changing. They serve a Beijing duck that is simply to die for. Several famous chefs like Sheridan Su and James Beard, award semifinalist, says that the Beijing duck is the best he has ever eaten. There are also other meals that shake you to the core like the Sichuan grouper, crab dumplings, and the smoky barbecue pork collar. The restaurant is built for banquets that have Cantonese preparation. There is a Chinese lounge singer to boost the ambiance more.


This steakhouse was born in Chicago but has managed to blend in perfectly on Vegas nights. On a night when the golden knights are playing, you are bound to see a player or two hanging out at the back parlor after the game. The portions in this restaurant are gigantic. Whether it is a burger, steak, or a plate of spiced fried chicken. The restaurant is dimly lit with red banquets and dark wood. The bar serves excellent cocktails as well.

Back Tap

This restaurant is popularly known on Instagram for its Crazy Shakes that have now become its trademark. The restaurant owner, Joe Isidori, uses beef from Pat La Frieda to prepare its signature burgers. For those who do not eat beef, there is a turkey burger, vegan black bean burger, and herbaceous falafel burger that will leave you wanting for more.


This restaurant aims to elevate a three meals a day café experience. They serve a Mediterranean breakfast, a Provencal style fried chicken for lunch, and cheeseburgers for dinner. The bar serves cocktails regardless of the time of day. The bartender can sort you out with whatever you may fancy, even a mash-up of what people drink in the poolside in Vegas with what people drink in the Mediterranean. The bartenders will gladly give you the experience that you desire.

Gordon Ramsay’s Hell Kitchen

This restaurant is inspired by the hit TV show, Caesar’s Palace. There is an open kitchen with cooks who are dressed like the blue and red teams that were on the show. It is one of the busiest restaurants in Vegas. With a 300-seat capacity, the restaurant is constantly filled with hungry guests that are eager to try out chef Ramsay’s signature dishes. The cocktails are unique; each with a little extra kick added to it. The Notes from Gordon cocktail is a gin and green tea cocktail that comes with a souvenir note with a catchphrase from the show.


These new restaurants will definitely give you your money’s worth. Through various third-party apps, you can have a home meal delivery at the comfort of your hotel while in Vegas. Be sure to try out some of these new restaurants in Vegas when ordering a home meal delivery service while you’re visiting.

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