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Popular Hosted Blogs Showing How Amazing Las Vegas Is

January 19, 2019

Las Vegas is one of the top places that showcases America’s vibrant and elegant lifestyle. The place is more than just the bright lights of Las Vegas Boulevard as it also has a lot to offer such as sports, food, entertainment, fashion, and many more. Up and coming travel bloggers who are planning to buy a web hosting service and build their own website can consider Las Vegas as a primary destination that can be featured in their blog.

That is the reason why travel bloggers have considered the place as a must-see destination and can be a good source of content that can be showcased to any blog.

It will definitely be an attraction to any new website that is only starting and will definitely bring traffic to the site. But before starting your website, check out the popular hosted blogs below as an inspiration as it shows how amazing Las Vegas is.

Travel Vegas

This is a favorite online destination that showcases everything that Las Vegas has to offer. The blog covers various topics such as art, culture, entertainment, and other news that is related to this vibrant city. This is definitely a great blog that you follow if you want up-to-date information about the beautiful place of Las Vegas.

Vegas Magazine

This is another source of content if you want to know more about Las Vegas. The blog is highly dedicated to its urban readers, and it features a simple and minimalistic way of making excellent articles of fashion, events, Las Vegas restaurants, and real estate. All their contents are beautifully crafted in such a way that it is easy to understand.

52 Stories

52 Stories is a blog that is being sponsored by the famous Cosmopolitan Las Vegas hotel. It features a unique way of featuring the place by using storytelling contents being submitted by its user and readers. Readers will find articles about food, travel, style, recreation, and culture of Las Vegas that is being presented in a unique and unconventional way.

Eater Vegas

From the name alone, it is easy to say that this blog is all about foods that can be found in Las Vegas. It features articles about Vegas restaurant openings, food specialties, and even profiles of famous local chefs found in the area. This is definitely a blog to follow if you are a food enthusiast.

10 Best

It is a blog that can be considered as a travel guide about Las Vegas. It features in-depth articles about the place’s local setting. Their articles are being written by veteran journalists so expect excellent and quality content that feature local arts and culture.

Las Vegas Sports Network

Las Vegas is home of the most fancied sports franchises in America. It is home of NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights and the NFL’s Oakland Raiders who are kicking the 2020 season in Las Vegas, making it one of the top sports destination in the U.S. The place also features regular high-profile boxing matches throughout the years. Las Vegas Sports Network is the blog that everyone needs to be updated on the latest development of the Vegas Sports scene.


The lists above are the top hosted blogs that show how amazing Las Vegas is. All these blogs will give you different information about culture, food, travel, and anything you want to know about the famous place.

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