Deep Fryer for Your Recreational Cooking
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How to Choose Deep Fryer for Your Recreational Cooking

February 8, 2019

A deep fryer is a kitchen equipment with a mesh basket where you put your food and an inner container to hold the oil. What makes the best deep fryers useful is how quickly they heat up the oil and evenly fry your food. There are a lot of available options in the market, making it difficult to choose which one suits you best. Here is a quick guide to help you.


Size is an important factor to consider when choosing your deep fryer. Pick one that is proportional to the size of your countertop. Also, consider the height of your cabinets, so you know where to keep your new cooking equipment. If you plan on cooking larger food, you might want to opt for the bigger fryers. However, do remember that they might be more difficult to handle and wash. Smaller deep fryers need lesser oil and use up less storage space.


It is highly recommended that you get a deep fryer with an immersion heating element. It helps heat the oil faster since the heaters are not concentrated at the bottom. It is a time and energy-saving element that you must look out for when buying a deep fryer. Immersion-style heaters also feature a quicker temperature recovery time.


The capacity of your deep fryer depends on what type of food you want to cook. Some fryers can handle 3 cups of oil while others can handle double. If you only plan to fry finger foods like chicken nuggets or French fries, a smaller deep fryer will do. But if you are into hosting parties and deep-frying larger food like turkeys, you might want to purchase a large fryer.

Removable Oil Container

It is always best to get a fryer with removable oil containers. It makes it more convenient to pour out the used oil and clean the containers. Other fryers also come with outlets for draining oil, and there are even others with automatic oil filters. Look out for these features because they make deep frying much easier and more exciting.

Number of Baskets

Deep fryers can come in either a single basket or double baskets. If you rarely plan on deep-frying but still want to have the right equipment, it is better to get the single basket. If you have a large family or hold gatherings more often, consider getting the fryer with double baskets. What makes double basket fryers more convenient is that you can fry two times more food at the same amount of time.


A useful feature to look out for when buying deep fryers is the timer together with other indicators. Some have digital timers, so you can simply set the cooking time while others have manual settings that allow you to adjust the cooking from low to high. Most fryers also have light indicators to show you when the oil is warm enough for frying.

Using deep fryers for recreational cooking is a safer choice compared to regular deep-bottomed frying pans. It allows you to have a cleaner cooking space since it prevents oil from splattering everywhere. Frying food in deep fryers also yields better results, giving you that perfect crunch within a few minutes.

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