Cell Phone Coverage in Las Vegas

April 24, 2019

Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world, draws approximately 40 million visitors a year. As a whole, Sin City is also the leading commercial, financial, and cultural centre in the whole of Nevada. The local economy is built around welcoming tourists and travellers who are looking for casinos, restaurants, entertainment, and other popular events. According to the, the place also has so much to offer, with top sports events, world-class amenities, and beautiful landscapes regularly attracting visitors and travellers alike.

Cell Phone Coverage in the Sin City

Aside from the huge number of visitors going in and out of the entertainment capital every year, there are also around 2 million people who reside and live in the city. These residents need the best cell phone signals and coverage to be able to go thru with their daily lives.

Fortunately, there are four major telecommunications companies that are giving the best cellphone coverage throughout the city. These companies provide the best coverage and service in and out of Las Vegas.

  • Verizon – the company’s network and cell phone coverage has the widest reach among all the major telecommunications company. It covers around 1671.35 square miles or roughly 96% of the total Las Vegas area. For local residents, this is the best option in selecting the best network for their mobile plans.
  • T-Mobile – comes second in terms of the network coverage which is about 1589.13 square miles or 92% coverage of the whole Las Vegas area.
  • AT&T – Not far behind is AT&T which has 89% coverage of the total area or 1553 square miles.
  • Sprint – the fourth major telecommunications company has coverage of 1014.17 square miles or 58% of the total Las Vegas Area.

While there is no company that offers perfect coverage and service, all the major telecommunication companies offer great coverage and a very competitive market price. In fact, 4G LTE is widely available in the whole of the Las Vegas area. The only downside is the quality of the coverage being unreliable when going farther from the city. Network coverage is also affected in crowded areas and events.

Small Carriers in the City

Aside from the four major carriers, there are also small and independent companies that provide network services within the Las Vegas area. These companies are called the Mobile Virtual Network Operators or MVNO, and they purchase network services from the four major carriers at a wholesale price while providing services to customers at a profit.

Among the small companies that provide network services in Las Vegas includes Boost Mobile, C-Spire, Credo Mobile, Cricket, H2O Wireless, Mint Mobile, Net 10, Republic Wireless, Tello, and Ting.

Public Wi-Fi in Las Vegas

The Sin City is one of the most mobile-friendly cities in the US. This is a place where free Wi-Fi is available in public places such as parks, libraries, museums, shopping malls, and other similar places.


Getting a phone signal in the Las Vegas area is not a problem when you visit the city. The four major carriers and other small players will give you the best cell phone coverage you need upon visiting one of the best gambling spots around the world.

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