CBD Oil Legal in Nevada

Is CBD Oil Legal in Nevada

April 27, 2019

Oil from hemp is slowly becoming a popular health and wellness product in the market. As per a survey results by https://greenthevoteok.com, Nevada has the most robust CBD market across other states in the United States?

Nevada is among the forward-thinking states regarding the use of cannabis. Therefore, finding cannabis products won’t be a problem. Nevada State has legalised marijuana both for medicinal and recreational use. But, is CBD oil legal in Nevada?

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil refers to cannabidiol which is a cannabinoid. Cannabinoids are naturally occurring chemicals obtained from cannabis plants. Cannabis plants have 113 unique cannabinoids, among them being cannabidiol. The debate on the legality of CBD oil has different answers all the time. In this article, we will discuss the validity of CBD oil in Nevada.

CDB Oil Laws in Nevada

The Farm Bill also referred to as the Agricultural Act of 2014, was a pilot program focusing on the hemp industry. The Act was focused on legalising core hemp cultivation activities, which have since then boosted the hemp industry, and helped it grow in several ways.

In 2018 December, The House, Senate and President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Act. The act eradicates hemp, cannabis plants, which have less than 3% THC. Several days after the signing of the farm bill, the FDA released a statement claiming that any CBD hemp-based product, which is marketed for its therapeutic effects, is illegal unless sanctioned by the FDA.

According to the DEA, CBD is considered similar to another agricultural commodity. Thus, it is legal to grow it and buy it in the U.S. It also offers farmers growing its water rights as well as other grants such as marketing, insurance and research, similar to grants that other farmers get.


The Legality of CBD Oil in Nevada

While CBD products are considered legal in Nevada, different CBD products have various regulations. For instance, marijuana is legal both for medicinal and recreational use; members of the state can do either. However, just because marijuana is legal doesn’t mean you can consume it publicly.

Similar to the use of marijuana, CBD oil should only be used in private areas, and the same restriction extends to CBD hemp oil. Nonetheless, since CBD oil has no odor, some people smoke in public by making it appear like regular vape juice.

For hemp oil, Nevada follows the set regulations as passed in the Farm Bill. The state has not given any laws that can change the legality of hemp and hemp products. Therefore, one can buy hemp products anywhere.


Types of CBD Oils that are Legal in Nevada

CBD hemp and CBD cannabis oil are available. The difference between the two types of oil is that oil from marijuana happens to be rich in THC, a product with medicinal use and one that leaves the user with a euphoric feeling. The THC in the oil makes it less sought after for medical reasons.

Oil derived from hemp has little THC and does not leave the user feeling intoxicated. Thus, they are used more as a health supplement to alleviate symptoms.



Nevada is among the first states to pass laws on marijuana for medicinal reasons. The legalisation of cannabis has undergone two amendments which seek to expand its distribution and to enable most people to gain access to medical CBD products and marijuana.

There are several vape stores in Nevada where you can purchase CBD oils and other CBD products. For those who prefer personal delivery, they can get the same service by buying CBD oils online.

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