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What you Probably Didn’t Know about Las Vegas Hotel Housekeeping

May 22, 2019

If you’ve already visited Las Vegas before, you probably didn’t notice those hotel housekeepers who help you to be comfortable during your stay. No worries; it is completely understandable as housekeeping is one of the most overlooked professions in Sin City, but it’s also the most critical. If you want to know more information about Las Vegas housekeeping, you should read this article from top to bottom.

Housekeeping Stats

A hotel housekeeper is officially called a “Guest Room Attendant” or GRA in Sin City. They clean an average of about 16 rooms per day in a typical 8-hour duty. Most of the hotels and casinos in the city pay a housekeeper $15-$17 per hour on average. According to a rough estimate, about 40% of the guests give tip to the housekeepers of about $20 to $100 per single shift.

Added Info

It is said that housekeeping is the most expensive department in a hotel in Sin City. Major hotels have a full-day housekeeping schedule to be able to clean all rooms nonstop in order to accommodate early check-ins and late check-outs. As a result, some housekeepers skip their free meals just to accommodate their daily house cleaning “quota” for the day of about 16 rooms in a single shift.

Lost Items

Sex toys and pornographic materials are often left in hotel rooms in the city. These items are put in the “Lost and Found” section of the hotel for 30 days. For cash worth $100 to $200 left in the hotel room, the housekeeper who found it will keep the money. Any amount that is bigger will go straight to a special fund while any amount found in a public area such as the casino will go to the hotel management.

The “Bio Teams”

Hotel housekeepers don’t merely focus on cleaning a particular room. There are housekeeper teams called “Bio Teams” which specialize in body fluids such as blood, mucus, and vomit. These are housekeepers who are specially trained for this purpose. Suicides and deaths that are caused naturally are assigned to outside contractors.

Recreational Marijuana

When recreational marijuana was legalized in Sin City, it brought problems and headaches to the housekeepers. Housekeepers in the city have been having a hard time getting rid of the odor that comes from weed and marijuana. They often spend long hours and a lot of sprays, disinfectants, and ionizers just to remove the odor in a particular room.

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

Las Vegas housekeepers witness and know a lot of secrets during their shift in their respective hotels. In particular, there are a lot of celebrities who spend time in Las Vegas looking for personal pleasure, and normally, these celebrities are good tippers to all housekeepers as they just want them to keep their mouth shut and keep their mess a secret.


The information listed above makes you realize the importance of housekeepers working inside the different hotels in Sin City. It is important for you to say “thank you” to these unsung heroes and appreciate their hard work once you visit the city of Las Vegas.

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