Beauty Products in Las Vegas

Top Local Beauty Products in Las Vegas

August 26, 2019


In Las Vegas, you can find anything; from international brands to locally made things. It is a city full of life with one of a kind nightlife and all kinds of people rocking different fashions. According to, there is a lot that goes in Las Vegas, which makes many businesses say on their feet.

One business that does well in Las Vegas is the cosmetic and beauty business. Many ladies are always looking for the latest beauty products from their favorite brands. Some also like to experiment on new products and this city gives them plenty of options.

Las Vegas has several locally made beauty products crafted by licensed artisans and professionals. Visit any trade fair or craft fair, and you are sure to come across locally made beauty products.

Here are some beauty products made in Las Vegas:


Artesia is one of the local beauty crafters that sell organic beauty products. It makes fresh and natural beauty products for skin care. It sources its ingredients from plants and other earth’s minerals. Artesia Crafts is only thirty minutes from the city center. Artesia tests its products on family and friends to make sure it gets the best feedback.

Sweet Bubble

Sweet Bubble crafts soaps using natural essential oils and fragrance that are good for your skin. They have a unique style of making soaps that look like foods such as pies, whips, cakes, donuts, and buttercreams. Their organic beauty products can be used as souvenirs or as gifts. They also have some of the best packaging styles.

The Spirit Within U

If you are more of the spiritual kind of person or in need of some spiritual healing, then The Spirit Within U is the place to visit while in Las Vegas. It has a collection of purging, cleansing and spiritual healing products such as therapeutic oils, aromatherapy, dead sea salts, candles, bath products, soaps, chakra, tarot decks, and other essential beauty products. Not all products in the spirit within u are locally made, but it caters for customers’ needs and offers unique services in Las Vegas.

Sud Shack

If you are looking for soap and toiletry products, visit Sud Shack. Sud Shack sells herbs, butter, carrier oils, botanicals, clays, exfoliants, lip balm making ingredients, and other essential oils. Sud Shack also sells the ingredients for making lotions, soaps, and colognes.


Yousoapia makes handmade products in small batches perfect for gifts. It mainly makes natural bath products, such as soaps. Yousoapia derives scents from goat’s milk, olive oils, and exfoliants to make products such as shower gel, bath salts, scrubs, lotions, body oil, and body souffle.

People always say that what happens in Vegas stays Vegas, but it would be difficult to leave these locally made products in Vegas. They make excellent souvenirs and memorable gifts for friends and family members. Once you experience these products, you will be tempted to share the experience with your friends back home, and even visit Las Vegas just to buy the locally made beauty products.

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