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Tea Places in Las Vegas to Get Your Favorite Turmeric Tea

August 30, 2019

Turmeric tea is one of the most preferred beverages taken mostly for its health benefits. If you’re into turmeric tea and wander in Las Vegas looking for the best places to enjoy it, then suggested some of the places you want to check out:

The Tea

The Tea is one of the places where people flock to drink turmeric tea. After entering, you are received by their staff who offer excellent customer services. They offer a wide variety of beverages with a variety of flavors to choose from.

If you need a sweetener to be added, their staff is always ready to help. The workers are also ready to help you explain each flavor. Apart from their tea, you can appreciate how they maintain cleanliness in their place. It comes with an appealing interior design where everything, including tables and chairs, is properly arranged.

Besides, there are other activities such as games to enjoy as you sip your tea.

DrinkLab Cafe

This cafe serves fabulous turmeric tea to warrant a revisit. In addition, they offer other varieties of hot drinks such as Thai tea and Hokkaido, among others. However, what attracted people the most is their tasty turmeric tea. The cafe also offers a variety of food that can be taken together with hot beverages.

Their interiors are also excellently arranged and offer a variety of recreational activities to customers. You can get a chance to play games as you wait for your drink to be served or while sipping your cup of tea.

Bronze Cafe

Bronze Cafe has several branches in Las Vegas. All their branches are known for offering one of the best turmeric teas in the town. They also offer fresh and delicious food for those who want to eat in addition to sipping their delicious turmeric tea.

They mainly specialize in vegan food; however, they also offer other types of dishes such as sandwiches which contain healthy proteins. Bronze Cafe is unique in a way that they offer deliveries to the residents of Las Vegas.

The Juice Box LV

This joint mainly specializes in various types of juices; nevertheless, they offer one of the best turmeric teas in Las Vegas. The main interest of The Juice Box LV is to offer healthy food and drinks that will benefit your body – one of which is turmeric tea.

Turmeric Flavors of India

This is one of the places that specialize in turmeric tea flavors that are mainly from India. The flavors are loved by the locals of Las Vegas as well as the many people who come to visit Las Vegas from all corners of the world.

Since Las Vegas is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the US, it only makes sense that it’s stocked with turmeric tea from diverse cultures. Nevertheless, all people are welcomed to try the flavors offered by Turmeric Flavors of India. Their prices are quite reasonable and affordable to many people as well.


If you’re looking for some teatime adventure in Las Vegas, then make sure you visit at least one of these places to try out their drinks.

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