School Board Meeting Ends Early

School Board Meeting Ends Early in Clark County Amid Protests

September 6, 2019

The board meeting conducted at Clark County School had ended abruptly on Thursday night amidst all the furious group of teachers and Primary School tuition who demanded a salary increase in their next contract.

The hundreds of educators threatened to conduct a strike on September 10 when their negotiations with the management came to a standstill. They stipulated that they must have a pay increase in the coming 2019-2021 contract. The teachers who demanded to ask for the pay increase had completed enough educational attainments and tutoring achievements which enabled them to insist on their demands.

The meeting started in a heated conversation right after Lola Brooks, the School Board President, stated that the resentment displayed by the teachers are out of place and unreasonable. The teachers then retaliated by shouting “shame on you!” to Mrs. Brooks.

Lashaun Limbrick, a father of three and one of the teachers, was quite disappointed since he had already spent his money and time in completing the advancement column only to know that the funding for their pay increase was not there.

Melissa Gardner, a SPED (Special Education) teacher, also stated that she remains along the first salary column table in spite of her qualifications and experience. Despite obtaining her 10 years of experience in CCSD, her salary range still sits on the first column of the table.

Another teacher named Matthew Kranz had mentioned that he had already invested thousands of dollars to attain his current professional level. Mr. Kranz also stated that he and his fellow teachers were not demandinga anything they did not deserve. Come September 10, he added that the Clark County School will never be prepared for the strike that they are planning.

As the period of the first public comment ended, the teachers yelled to protest to allow the next teacher to speak. This time, the police interfered, sending the educators to the backstage of the theater.

Mrs. Brooks then went back to the stage to proclaim that the meeting will be delayed and set on another date.

Jesus Jara, the superintendent who was present during that time later gave his statement about the interest of the district to discuss the probable solutions with the problem. He also said that postponing the meeting was the correct decision to preserve the safety of both the teachers and everyone else who attended.

The legislative session was about the contract negotiations stating that not enough funds were raised to implement the pay increase which was formerly promised by Governor Steve Sisolak.

The district suffered a $17 million deficit in high schools and middle schools followed by a $6.5 million deficit in the central office. In addition, the district will have to face another million-dollar discrepancy next year.

The district firstly offered a $69 million increase in salary which includes 3%, 2%, and a 4% pay raise consecutively every month to add to their health care needs.

A cost of about $19 million is expected to implement the salary increase demanded by the teachers. The recession of the meeting will happen next Thursday together with the Trustees and the school officials, as per the statement made by the district officials to the Review-Journal during a meeting earlier last Thursday.

Everybody is expecting to come up with a solution to the contract problems to prevent any unnecessary riots and strikes.

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