Hotel Floors Sparkling Clean

5 Tips on Making Hotel Floors Sparkling Clean

December 13, 2019

A hotel environment should be sparkling cleaning. Thus, the management of a hotel must be ready to incur some cost in cleaning floors as they can learn more on Floorcleaningtools. However, maintaining cleanliness in a hotel is not that easy, especially when there are different guests is coming in and out every day.  Different surfaces will always require a different method of cleaning. The following are five tips an hotelier can follow to keep the floor clean.

  1. Vacuum Frequently

Hoteliers can choose to hire staff who will assist in maintaining cleanliness on the premise. The hotelier should ensure that the employee Vacuums a lot. Irrespective of the traffic brought by people, constant vacuuming ensures that all the dust and contaminants are cleared. However, hoteliers should select commercial-grade vacuum cleaners while the choice of a vacuum cleaner should depend on the floor of the hotel. There are vacuums suitable for concrete floors, while others are suitable for hardwood floors.

  1. Hire Designated Floor Cleaners

Regular cleaners are not suitable for high traffic areas like in hotels. Most of the time, they don’t cleanse the flooring effectively,  making it develop contaminants and dirt, which turn in to stains. It is always difficult for the floor to be sparkling clean after this has happened. For example, the hotel management can decide to create its floor cleaner by putting tea bags in one liter of hot water or putting Apple Cider vinegar in 4 liters of water. This will assist in removing contaminants, stains, and dirt.

However, the person cleaning the floor should do not apply the floor cleaner directly when cleaning floors; instead, he should use a damp cloth or a mop. Thus, a hotel owner should be ready to dig into their pockets and buy the right solutions.

  1. Use Rags

A hotel can choose to be using a carpet or a rug that they can clean easily. However, using cloth is recommended because it is economical, and it can easily be cleaned. Mats also help in giving the hotel a good look. They come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Thus, a hotelier should select a rag based on the hotel decor. Rugs greatly assist in insulating and protecting the floor.

  1. Scrub Floors

Hard floors, especially those made of concrete, require scrubbing. Scrubbing helps in removing harsh and stubborn stains. However, one is advised to use a soft brush instead of a hard brush when rubbing. Metallic brushes should only be used when cleaning cement stains or rust. The rest of the stains should be cleaned using soft brushes. The hotelier should wash the hotel after scrubbing.

  1. Deal with Stains

Hoteliers should deal with contaminants, dust, and spillover immediately.  Hotel visitors are known to drop food on the floor and also spill over drinks. If this is not dealt with quickly, it can lead to more stubborn stains.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, despite high traffic in hotels, it is possible to keep the floor sparkling clean. Follow the tips highlighted above to ensure that the level of your hotel is clean always

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