Disguise Speaker Wire in the Home

Best Ways to Hide Or Disguise Speaker Wire in the Home

January 30, 2020

Adding equipment, appliances and electric furniture like speakers, Pioneer DMH-1500NEX review can be essential in making a home functional. This is when a location becomes a challenge for any homeowner. It is important to place the appliances and electric equipment and furniture in the right places where they will be of best use. In adding these things in your home, you can expect to see a lot of cords like sound speaker wires running and scattered around. This then makes your home look messy, untidy and disorganized.

Keeping the sound speaker and other appliance wires away from sight can quite be a challenge. Some ways can be done to make the wires unnoticeable and visible. However, the ways to completely hide those unruly wires may also depend on the layout of the home. To help you make your home look tidier and organized, here are some ways to hide speaker wires in the home.

•    Use rugs or runners

Rugs and runners are not only used to beautify a home. They are also good tools to hide those cables and wires. When your speaker wires were run across a room, then you can run the rug or runner over it. This will completely cover up the area and make the room look like there are no cables and wires around.

•    Use carpets and baseboards

Baseboards are slightly above the floor so that carpets can be tucked underneath it. You can also use this space to tuck in the cords and wires. You can run the cord in the edges and corners of the room to make space look completely out of wires. With this, you will need a long cord so it will reach the baseboards. You can measure the distance and get a long speaker wire so it can be tucked neatly in the baseboards.

•    Use paint

If the speakers are mounted on the wall, then you can let the wires to travel on the wall. To hide this, cover it up with paint with the same color as your wall. This will neatly hide the cords and make the wall look clean with no wires.

•    Use light strips

This works like the paint but instead of camouflage the wires, you can stick the wires with the light strip. This is an effective disguise as people will not even notice that there is a wire pasted with the light strip.

•    Use cable covers

This is very common in many homes. People prefer this as it can be a permanent and effective way to keep the wires organized. You can just collect the wires and cover them together with cable covers. These covered cables can then be placed on the edges or corners of the wall.

•    Use flat speaker wire

Flat speaker wires are easier to hide. This is best because it comes with adhesive so it can easily be pasted on the floor or wall to keep the room neat and organized.

•    Use in-wall or in-ceiling speaker wires

This will require professional services as the wires will be installed through the ceiling or wall. If you are not an expert with electricity, then it is best to let the professional electricians do the job.

•    Use chair rail molding

This is also done using paint. The space above the chair will be painted a different color. This is where the wires or cords will crawl. This is also an effective disguise for your cords.

These are simple ways to hide wires and cords from your sound speaker and other electrical appliances. Following these tips can help make your home look neat and wire-free.

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