CBD’s Health Benefits

Harnessing Safely The CBD’s Health Benefits

February 15, 2020

CBD, or short for Cannabidiol, is said to be the most potent chemical compound in a marijuana plant. On the other hand, there is THC, a similar potent compound also found on marijuana plants. The greatest difference between the two as explained by cbd fable, is that CBD has no euphoric effects and making the plant purely medicinal while the other will cause a “high” feeling.

Effects of CBD

The human body can naturally produce cannabinoids, which reduces inflammation. Inside the body, there are 2 distinct types of receptors: CB1 receptors – mostly found in movement and emotion part of the brain, and CB2 receptors – mostly found in the body’s immune system.

As the THC attach to CB1 receptors, it affects the human’s thinking and feeling. CBD, on the other hand, found to be not attaching to either receptors and instead use as boost for cannabinoids’ production. According to research, CBD is highly effective when used as treatment to different types of disorders, especially relating to blood sugar, seizures, and anxiety.

Products That Promote CBD’s Effects

The positive benefits can be extracted in a form of CBD oil. That liquid can be transform into different products for consumers to naturally use aside from the usual ‘pot smoking’:

  • CBD Tinctures

= As a concentrated form of CBD, they are mostly used as edibles since they have improved taste compared to the oil-based products.

  • Healing Cream

= This product includes Mangosteen, Hydrocortisone Cream, and CBD-infused Argan oil

  • Disposable Pen

= The CBD extract can be used on compact vape pens.

  • Skin Serums

= The effects of CBD have been promoted for anti-aging and anti-blemish purposes.

  • Gums

= There are chewing gums and gummy edibles available that are infused with CBD.

The most important thing to consider when buying CBD-based products is verification of the authenticity of the product. There can be products sold in the market that uses false advertising and can cause serious damage.


If CBD-based products are utilized, they tend to interact with other functions of the medicinal drugs for the body’s activity, specifically those from a type of liver enzymes called cytochrome P450. This impedes the metabolizing of more then half of the medications being sold in US.

With the said blockade, the CBD will now trigger the increase amount of medication needed for cholesterol and blood pressure and the decrease mount of medication needed for anti-anxiety and allergy medication. Medical patients that are using blood thinners and hormone regulators are advised to avoid CBD intake, as well as THC and other patients taking other medications has to have a limit of no more than 75 milligrams of CBD as daily consumption.


Like anything else, consuming too much is harmful. THC may be in constant abuse due to its euphoric effect, however, CBD can be misused carelessly. Make sure when you decide to depend on CBD for its medical benefits, you are not taking any prescribed medications that are currently needed for your body. This can cause conflict on the bodily functions and might render each other useless instead of being tools for treatment.

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