Instagram to Boost your Business

A 6-Step Guide on Using Instagram to Boost your Business

February 28, 2020

Instagram is among the most common social media platforms across the world to follower kaufen, and businesses should take advantage of that and use it to their advantage. Through Instagram, one can gather insights, sell products, and use Instagram features to their advantage.

Combined with the right marketing strategy, Instagram could be quite helpful in boosting brands, promoting products, and increasing sales. Here is how you can use Instagram for your business:

  1. Open an Instagram business account.

When signing up for Instagram, ensure to open a business account, and create a comprehensive business profile. Instagram business profile offers tools and exclusive features that help you create a robust business presence.

If you initially had a personal account that you would love to convert, you will need to log in, go to the profile section, choose Settings, and click on the switch option. You will have to add information such as your business name, username, profile picture, biography, and a website URL.

  1. Come up with a winning business strategy for Instagram.

It would help if you focused on the target audience, more than on what you post. Most Instagram users are youth below 35 years. Most users come from the US, but you need to research more to come up with a winning strategy.

To efficiently develop a strategy, start by identifying who is buying from you. Check who follows you on other social media platforms. Conduct extensive competitor research and come up with a clear value statement regarding your product or service.

Once you determine your target market, it will be easy to understand what kind of information they want, what they would like to see. Also, check how they interact with competitors offering similar products.

  1. Update your profile

When creating your business account, it was mandatory to fill in some information. Now, you will have to enhance your profile to get the best results. While the bio is short, it needs to give your visitors sufficient information to keep them on your page.

As for your profile picture, it should be a picture of your logo. Please maintain the same profile picture for all your social media platforms. That way, it will be easy for people to recognize your brand. Always ensure you have a complete profile.

  1. Share only the best content.

Instagram focuses on the visuals. Therefore, it is crucial to think through what you need to showcase. You can put up images of your products. If you work in the service industry, sharing appropriate work-related videos could help.

You could also highlight your personal life to connect with your potential buyers on a personal level. Ensure you take quality photos and edit them like a professional. Always add compelling captions and tell great stories through Instagram stories.

  1. Grow and connect with your audience

Social networks are based on coming together. If there is a community in line with your brand, seek and connect with them. Be mindful of using the correct hashtags as they make content effortless to find.

Always respond to messages, comments, and any mentions. Appreciate feedback, even negative feedback, and try to offer something valuable to your audience. You could also work with Instagram influencers to increase your fan base.

  1. Find a way to measure your success and make alterations where necessary.

You had goals to achieve, and you need to check whether you are on the right track regularly. For Instagram, you could measure your achievements by checking through stories, ads, and posts. Or the entire business account. If you are not on track, make amendments, and try again.

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