About Us


We know you’re not here to know our names, our hobbies, or what’s in our fridge. You came here to find the answers to your question: why should you trust us and our opinion?

As we have adapted from Michael Jackson’s song, we say, “We are Las Vegas.”

The cocktails we’ve had at the Velveteen Rabbit or at the Happy Half Hour at the High Roller flows in our bloodstream. Our hearts continue to beat with the music at the Cirque du Soleil’s The Beatles LOVE at The Mirage, and the sounds and the play of light at the Bellagio Fountains still pervade our dreams to this day.

We know Las Vegas. We were there when Binion’s closed, or when The Terrible’s became the Silver Sevens (Go to the Las Vegas Hotels section to know what we are talking about). We know the names behind the Four Queens hotel. We have strolled The Strip, been off The Strip and downtown to Fremont Street Experience, sometimes with drinks in our hands, sometimes with money, and often with the weight of the riches that got away.

We have tossed a few nickels into the slot machine. We have lived the tale of winning it all and then losing it in one night.

We have had crazy and magical nights and we had wished that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But we realized, why would we want that? We want you to have the fun, too! We want you to live in Las Vegas vicariously through our stories as you are still waiting for the day you’ll live it first-hand.

Our mission is to share the knowledge and experience with you. Our dream is to see you chiming in, too, sharing the fun, and memorializing your Las Vegas nightlife here.